How To Select Your Perfect Property Rental Targets?

Looking for your perfect property rental target is such a challenging task. It has to check all the wish-lists you have. Rooms number, location, and other little specific detail need to be considered to ensure that you spend money in a perfect bucket. However, in order to get the perfect property rental target, most of people need to spare their busy time to filter which properties that check all the wish-lists on the cart. In fact, not many people have the willingness to spare their time in order to get the best property to stay. At the end of the day, many of them end up with property that is not their perfect match. This is definitely not a good bucket for your money. You lose the opportunity to improve the quality of life you have.

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This article will help you to optimise your budget in order to get the perfect property rental target for you and your money.

Define Your Perfect Property Rental

Defining your perfect property rental target is quite tricky. It is almost the same question as “How much do you know about yourself?”. In order to get the perfect list of characteristic & specification of your perfect property rental, you have to know your needs & wants. Please, keep in mind that nothing is perfect in this world. You have to know the priority of checklists that have to have in the property. And also, the additional least important checklists. These data will help you to filter most of properties that do not fill your priority needs & wants.

Let’s start from the property itself!

Characteristic of Ideal Property Rental Targets

Before jumping into “characteristic of perfect property rental target”, you have to firstly know the “characteristic of ideal property”. It is to bridge you to level up the characteristic. It should check all of the basic & fundamental needs of the property. So then, when you grow & modify the characteristic of your perfect property rental targets, you don’t miss the basic one.

moving to your perfect property rental targets

1. Rooms

Are you single? Do you have children? How many people who live with you? Different condition will trigger different needs. Please, ensure that the property you want accommodate the basic needs of all people who live with you. For example, you have a child and a partner. There are three people in total. Even-though you and your partner will share the bedroom. It will be ideal to leave a room empty for a guest or even for yourself. So, basically, the total member of the family will be the basic standard of you on deciding how many rooms needed in the property.

Besides, you need to define how many bathrooms you want to have. In standard condition 1 bathroom will accommodate 2 people. So, basically if there are 3 people in the house, it will be an ideal to have at least 2 bathrooms. Bedrooms & bathrooms are the basic & fundamental needs in selecting property (buy or rental). The property should be able to give space for you to breath & maintain the privacy among member.

2. Location

Where do you want to live? Urban or suburb? Are you an employee or the business owner? Each location has its pro & con. And, then again, it will be back to what you need. Location will define the cost you need to prepare in order to enjoy the living in your property. For example, if you want to stay in suburb, it may cost you less to rent the property. However, you need to allocate more money for the transportation. It is because the location of supermarket, office tower, and public facilities are quite afar from the residence you are living in.

In order to choose the perfect location. You should reflect on your and your family’s activities. How often do you go to the town? If your activities require you go to the town often, maybe living in a suburb is not the best option. You need to spare more money to the transportation. Which it will potentially cost you more money than if you rent the property in the town. However, if your activities do not require you to stay in the town, suburb can improve your quality of life for sure.

3. Type of property

Do you prefer an apartment, or a landed house? Both types will cost you different value. What does it mean? For example, you have a thousand USD to spend on renting property (monthly). If you choose the apartment, you will get an apartment in the town. However, if you prefer the landed house, you might not be able to get the house that is near to the business district. General statement, landed house will cost you more money to rental than the apartment. Every option will have its opportunity cost. You need to determine which opportunity cost you are willing to take.

So, now you have the ideal property rental targets. Let’s take further and adjust the characteristic into your perfect property rental targets.

Characteristic of Your Perfect Property Rental Targets

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1. Lifestyle

Different lifestyle will require you different needs. Do you like parties? Do you invite your friends often to your property? Are you a single fighter? The answer will definitely lead you into different needs in order to accommodate your lifestyle. For example, you are a sporty person. You often go to the gym, swim, and other physical activities. Your lifestyle will require you to live nearby, or even on the property that provides you the sport facilities.

Moreover, fulfilling the lifestyle that makes you happy will definitely help to improve your quality of life. Your life will be more productive and more enjoyable. Yet, it probably will cost you more money. So, are you willing to spend more money to get your perfect property in order to fulfill your lifestyle? Is it worth the money? You are the one who knows the answer. However, if you need guidance from the professional one, Furo Property Bali is the best platform to start with!

2. Facilities

Do you need a private swimming pool? Do you need a barbecue area? Do you like garden? Or Do you prefer one-stop living facilities? More facilities = More money. You need to make priority lists of facilities you want in order to avoid “over budget” kinda situation. Usually, the modern new family will require one-stop living facilities. However, the grown up family will prefer the private-first living, than the accessibility.

Besides, do you want to have a private bathroom in every bedrooms? Do you need guest rooms? You basically can extend the fundamental needs into your account. Some people think 3 bedrooms are not enough to accommodate. Some people think that the sharing bathroom is not comfortable. In this part, your comfort should be on the priority list. Your budget is the limit. So, don’t forget to make the priority lists.

3. Taste

Taste is very personal. You might hate modern-minimalist concept, but some people love it. Each property will have different element that will attract different people to come. At the end of the day, this part is probably your ego feeding. However, this could be worth the price. The happiness doesn’t count the money. When the place you are living in fulfilling your ego, you might be more than happy to live in it. It is like you are living inside the piece of art.

Collaborating With Property Agent

collaborating with Furo Property Bali to get your perfect property rental targets

Start to collaborate with property agent is the best option to start your finding. Your perfect property rental targets could be one of the properties on the catalog of the property agent. You need to know that not all properties can be accessed without the help of property agents. Some exclusives require property agent and do not open for public. So, you basically can access more properties. However, if you want the property agent helps you to find your perfect property rental targets, you need to give some attitude to make things easier to work with.

1. Be Transparent

You need to provide clear information about the budget you are willing to spend, also your needs & wants. With hundreds of properties on the list, this will make the searching process so much easier. Or even if the property agent does not have the property you need & want, they can use their network to get some accesses to your potential perfect property rental targets.

2. Be Communicative

Ghosting is never a good attitude. If you are serious in looking a rental property, please ensure that you are always online. Or even if you are offline, please tell the property agent. Some property owners will have some questions to the renter. Sometimes, this is to see the background of the renter, and the ability to pay the rent. Most of the time, the communication will be about the negotiation between the property owner and the renter (this could be about the price, the payment method, and the do’s & don’ts).

3. Be Accountable

Be an accountable means that you have to be responsible towards your decision. Please ensure that you can fulfil the term & condition that the property owner requires you to follow. It is because not only you that will get affected, but also the property agent who helps you to get the property.

So, do you already have the checklists of your perfect property rental targets? Give us a call if you need the 911 in finding your perfect property rental targets!


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